A relentless commitment to excellence

Verlessio’s products are not only gluten-free and lactose-free, they are also created with the best organic ingredients available. with limited use of sugar, they are simply so good that it doesn’t get any better than this!

We cannot deny that it has not been easy to discover and adjust our food habits after discovering our problems with gluten and lactose.  We are very demanding when it comes to what we eat: we are used to choose only the finest biological ingredients that preserve all their healthy nutritional values and amazing taste. Often, even the most prestigious and starred establishments we like to try are not always able to offer the expected quality as alternatives.

So, for years, we have been experimenting with gluten-free and lactose-free recipes, often starting from the family ones, to find new unique combinations that could meet our quality standards and being enjoyable for everybody, not only for people with special food requirements. We are not willing to compromise on the ingredients we use: we search and pick only the finest ones in the highest range of the biological certifications, looking for the Italian and local excellencies, no matter what they costs. The joy of sharing our love, passion and talent is the key special ingredient added to each Verlessio recipe.

Our promise is to share with you the same outstanding quality products we eat. 


We embrace the best heritage of Italian cuisine: the ingredients are the purest, in season and processed as little as possible, to preserve the natural taste and nutritions. Our recipes combine health, quality and taste, thanks to years of refinement, and now they are finally available to you.

Respecting our Italian and Dutch origin, we select only the excellence from our homelands and neighbours provided and guaranteed by Udea Netherland and BiotoBio Italy. As special touch, when available we also use some fresh ingredients coming from our vegetable garden cultivated according to the permaculture principles as sustainable organic way of producing.

OUTSTANDING WINES – As per the best gourmet cuisine tradition, not surprisingly you can find fabulous wines as ingredient in some of our recipes.
We have searched and carefully selected the purest and most tasting biological wines from Italian and European vineyards, in line with the tradition.
If the Italian Demeter wines that enhance our risotto are typical, our very Roman pangiallo is surprisingly made with a spicy, inspiring German wine.

HIGH-CLASS DAIRIES  Italy and Holland offer a level and variety of dairy products that few other countries can match. We use some of the best organic lactose-free cheeses, creams and butters that are blended into our recipes: Bastiaansen goat cheese, Arrigoni’s Gorgonzola d.o.p. and the best Parmigiano Reggiano available, 24-month-old Vacche Rosse. The search for excellence does not stop to our homelands. We found the creamiest and richest lactose-free organic milk in Germany and Mascarpone in Switzerland… quality is the priority.

LUXURY TOUCHES – The best organic gluten-free and lactose-free is the starting point, respecting traditional recipes is a step forward, but it is not yet enough. We seek only the finest ingredients on the market: premium vanilla bourbon, 100% extra virgin Italian olive oil, mushrooms so beautiful you wouldn’t want to cook them. 
We follow the seasons and when available we add to our recipes the vegetables and fruits freshly picked from our vegetable garden grown according to the most natural permaculture principles.