It’s aperitivo time!

A little hystory The Milanese aperitivo is a beloved tradition in Italy, particularly in the fashion and design capital of Milan. This ritual originated in the 18th century, when Gaspare Campari opened his bar in the city. Campari created his eponymous bitter liqueur, which quickly

Verlessio Hosts “Brush ‘n Brunch” Art and Food Event: A Mindful Experience of Watercolor and Delicious Gluten-Free Treats

Verlessio, the renowned producer of premium gluten-free and lactose-free delicacies, is excited to announce their upcoming event, the “Brush n Brunch” art and food event. This unique experience will combine the creativity of watercolor painting with the pleasure of indulging in Verlessio’s mouthwatering products. Participants


Italian Easter breakfast: a treasured tradition.

THE SENSE OF EASTER The morning meal typically consists of a variety of delicious dishes that reflect the rich culinary heritage of Italy. Italian Easter breakfast is a treasured tradition that honors the importance of gathering with loved ones to celebrate the holiday. One of


MAKE AN INFORMED CHOISE! The difference between “dairy-free” and “lactose-free” may seem subtle, but there is actually an important distinction between these two terms. Both refer to the fact that a product or food does not contain lactose, but there are key differences that separate


GLUTEN-FREE, NATURALLY. We at Verlessio are grateful for the advances in gluten- and lactose-free foods, but we like to use naturally occurring ingredients wherever possible. Chestnuts are a fabulous resource. They are a foodstuff that lends itself to many uses in the kitchen. Traditionally they

Can I cook Italian cuisine gluten-free, lactose-free?

Don’t worry: yes! Italian cuisine is world famous, thanks to its extraordinary variety of flavors and traditional recipes dating back centuries of culinary history. However, for those with gluten or lactose food intolerances, it may seem a bit difficult to adapt classic Italian recipes to

Resolving a misconception: is gluten-free food also lactose-free?

What gluten and lactose are Gluten and lactose are two food components that can cause problems for those with certain diseases or intolerances. However, although they are often confused or associated, it is important to understand that they are not the same thing. Gluten is